Aspen Stainless – Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions (Aspen Stainless)


  • On site attendances and facilities will be made available to us free of charge: –
  • 110-volt/16 amp electric power to within 20m of the work area.
  • Use of normal welfare facilities.
  • We have assumed all safety and access scaffolding will be provided by the main contractor.
  • Canal have assumed that all visible internal fillet welds will be left as laid, if requested to be otherwise at a later date Canal will offer a revised quote subject to sample approval.
  • Areas to be free of all other trades and equipment during our installation programme with good access and economical working in all areas.
  • We will have clear lorry access to the area for deliveries of materials during our installation.
  • The attached price is based on normal weekday working hours; no allowance has been made for premium time. USO


  • Canal’s quote includes for general arrangement drawings to be produced for approval in line with the current information issued to us at quoting stage. Canal will make drawing amendments to any initial comments received.
  • All welding extraction if required, to be provided by others.
  • Stainless steel as a finished product is maintenance friendly NOT maintenance free. As stainless steel consists mainly of steel it is susceptible to surface corrosion under certain circumstances if not maintained correctly. If our quotation is successful please refer to our O & M manual which will give a specific maintenance procedure for the application and grade of stainless steel used.
  • Welded goods supplied by Canal Engineering Limited are manufactured to Execution Class 2 (EXC2) as defined in BS EN 1090-1: 2009. The welding management system used to produce such goods, accordingly conforms to EN ISO 3834-3: 2005. Should you require welded goods to any Execution Class other than EXC2, please discuss the matter with the Canal Engineering Sales department prior to placing an order.
  • For refurbishment projects in buildings constructed before the year 2000, we will require to see either the asbestos register for the building or an asbestos survey for the area of our work
  • Canal have not made any allowance within our quotation for protection of our installed goods. if requested to be otherwise at a later date Canal will offer a revised quote subject to requirements.
  • We herewith offer our list of daywork charges.  All authorised charges would be entered into the printed Canal Engineering daywork form and presented to the relevant Site Engineer/ Supervising Officer for signature within 7 days of carrying out the work.
Labour Unit Cost
Plant hire sum 20%
Site labour based on 2 man team hour £88.30 per team
Overnight expenses (1 room per man) per room +20%
Works labour hour £44.15
Materials (includes waste) sum +40%
Finishes (galv/p-coat, polish etc) sum +20%
Laser cutting hour £113.56
  • All time spent travelling to and from site to be charged at nett rate. Transport and haulage charges to be charged at nett cost.  Premium working hours charged at net addition.
  • On receipt of drawing approval all materials will be ordered to enable us to achieve program. If changes are implicated after this approval date costs for scrapped materials and fabrication work will need to be reimbursed prior to carrying out any further revisions. Failure to do so will result in program delay.


  • All deliveries are undertaken by Canals own transport and have been costed as such unless otherwise stated within our quotation.  Customers requiring deliveries via Fors accredited hauliers are advised that this would be at additional cost.  Canal should be advised of this requirement so a quotation can be provided.
  • Standard charge to re-mobilize (re-visit) site – £710.00 + any costs incurred for cancellation of accommodation per 2 man gang.
  • In the event of the whole order not being placed with us, we reserve the right to revise our prices.