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Hygienic Stainless Steel Environments within Dairies

In dairy industries it is vital that hygiene standards are kept to a very high standard. To do this, the choice of materials used in the construction of a dairy are required to cope with the daily processing and production demands. The Wrong Choice of Drainage and Wall Kerbing Drainage and wall kerbing, which make…

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New Year, New Rooms – Sealed Using PolySto Kerb

In food and drink factories, hygiene and cleaning is an important factor when manufacturing, processing, packaging and distributing quality products, daily. With various processing areas in a factory it is imperative that the construction of the factory will not impede production or fail due to impact or wear. Recently, Aspen Stainless were commissioned to install…

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Lightweight Drainage for Showers, Wet Rooms and Changing Rooms

In many industries a hygienic environment is a high priority. A cleaning regime implemented by a company can occur multiple times per day to ensure their environment is up to standard and maintained for their employees and customers using the facilities. Often in larger environments, a considerable amount of cleaning liquid, water and non-toxic chemicals…

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