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Waterproof drainage systems explained

Food and drink factories generate large quantities of waste and it’s estimated that processing just one kilo of meat generates approximately 1.2 litres of waste water. Therefore, effective management of this waste water in food production is critical to hygiene, productivity and employee safety. An expertly designed drainage system ensures optimal hygiene standards and also…

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Hygienic performance criteria of leisure centres

All pool and shower areas require special attention to detail when it comes to drainage design performance. Unfortunately, the high-level of foot traffic in leisure centres increases the risk of slippages and falls in wet room areas. Therefore, drainage requires higher-flow capacity rates, long term durability as well as minimal maintenance for easy cleaning. All…

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Hygiene solutions for UK distribution centre

The largest automated warehouse for online groceries in the world and renowned for its high-level distribution required robust drainage systems for their new facility. The 563,000 sq ft warehouse facilitates direct deliveries to home in the region as well and supporting a network of existing distribution centres, handling approximately 200,000 orders per week. Aspen worked…

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Aspen Stainless Solutions for Fresh Produce Manufacturer

Aspen Stainless has a continued and successful relationship with the UK’s leading supplier of fresh produce. The company recently expanded its manufacturing operations in 2018 to introduce its chilled range to its food production portfolio. Aspen Stainless recently worked closely with the contractor for the design, supply and fit of an effective drainage system for…

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Guide to Hygienic Drainage Performance

Guide to hygienic drainage performance The strictest levels of hygiene are required in food and drink manufacturing applications and is considered one of the most challenging environments to design. The fundamental reason for applying hygienic design principles in food factories is to prevent cross contamination of food products. Therefore, careful attention must be paid to…

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Cranswick Country Foods Case Study

Aspen Stainless supplied standard and bespoke stainless-steel solutions to the UK’s leading food producer Cranswick. A key producer of premium fresh and value-added food products. Aspen worked closely with Trundley Design to design effective hygienic plant equipment for a number of their key food processing plants across the UK. Aspen Stainless manufactured and delivered a…

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Hygienic solutions for Heathrow catering

Aspen Stainless recently supplied an expansive range of standard and bespoke stainless-steel solutions for the DO & CO project based at Heathrow Airport. DO & CO is an airline catering company, specialising in gourmet food production and distribution. The new facility is integral to the future growth of the business in the UK and supporting…

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NBS library

National BIM library for Aspen Stainless

We’re excited to announce the range of Aspen Stainless steel solutions is now available on the National BIM library This is an exciting opportunity for Aspen to deliver visibility, efficiency and collaboration with our clients. BIM offers the opportunity to reduce costs and improve delivery of projects by allowing a virtual model to be created…

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What makes stainless steel the hygienic choice for commercial workers?

A metal popular in a wide range of industries, from hospitality to industrial production, stainless steel is one of the most versatile materials available today. From the knives and forks we eat with, the floors we walk on and the equipment we work with, it’s flexibility allows it to contribute to almost every aspect of…

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Metal finishings explained

For thousands of years, metal has played an integral part in our lives, having an array of uses, industrial metal finishing being one of the main ones. The metals that we use on a regular basis include copper, tin, zinc, lead and nickel, as well as relatively rare “precious” metals such as gold, silver, platinum…

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Lightweight Drainage for Showers, Wet Rooms and Changing Rooms

In many industries a hygienic environment is a high priority. A cleaning regime implemented by a company can occur multiple times per day to ensure their environment is up to standard and maintained for their employees and customers using the facilities. Often in larger environments, a considerable amount of cleaning liquid, water and non-toxic chemicals…

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Hygienic Stainless Steel Environments within Dairies

In dairy industries it is vital that hygiene standards are kept to a very high standard. To do this, the choice of materials used in the construction of a dairy are required to cope with the daily processing and production demands. The Wrong Choice of Drainage and Wall Kerbing Drainage and wall kerbing, which make…

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New Year, New Rooms – Sealed Using PolySto Kerb

In food and drink factories, hygiene and cleaning is an important factor when manufacturing, processing, packaging and distributing quality products, daily. With various processing areas in a factory it is imperative that the construction of the factory will not impede production or fail due to impact or wear. Recently, Aspen Stainless were commissioned to install…

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