Aspen Stainless Solutions for UK's largest grocery distribution centre

Aspen Stainless Solutions for UK’s largest grocery distribution centre

The largest automated warehouse for online groceries in the world and renowned for its high-level distribution required robust drainage systems for their new facility. The 563,000 sq ft Ocado Erith warehouse facilitates direct deliveries to home in the region as well and supporting a network of existing distribution centres, handling approximately 200,000 orders per week.

Aspen worked closely with the architect to design, manufacture and install stainless steel solutions to support the hygienic performance of the entire environment. Aspen provided engineering drawings, samples and prototypes to ensure a seamless manufacturing process and delivery of the project from day one.

The Aspen Stainless Davos Plus 100 drain channels were fitted to support the cleaning regime and water flow within the factory. The channels suited the environment due to its easy to clean surface and self-draining fall slope for draining waste liquid. This blended perfectly with the flooring design supplied by John Lord Flooring and allowed for waste to drain effectively into the surrounding channels and gullies. The Delta Gullies and Summit Gully Round, Bottom Outlets were fitted to collect sink and condense waste and specifically bead blasted for a smooth, corrosion resistant finish. The system worked hand in hand with the hygiene needs identified in the warehouse and in compliance with hygiene best practice outlined by the EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group) The Hygienic Design Principles states “surfaces must be easy to clean, non-absorbant and not present toxicological hazard of substances into foodstuffs. All surfaces must be resistant to the product and to all detergents and disinfectants under the full range of operating conditions” All of our channels were manufactured in grade 316 stainless steel due to its smooth, protective and solid chromium oxide layer on top. The metal contains no pores, cracks or open spaces for bacteria, including taste and odour to embed itself in, as it is a self-contained piece of material. Stainless steel metal products are, without question, the most hygienic option for food environments.

The kerbing was specifically fitted and mounted onto the wall of the warehouse to offer maximum protection. This drastically improved the cleaning efficiency of the facility by eliminating any small debris that can harbour and grow in the small cracks. The kerbing was also specifically designed to support the hygienic wall panel above and provide protection from factory traffic. The Aspen stainless steel wall cladding and corner protection was perfectly compatible to the high volume of pedestrian and vehicular traffic within the facility.

The dedicated project manager worked closely with the contactor during the installation process to ensure highest standards for drainage and protection were achieved. Aspen works closely with the client to ensure installation meets the necessary building regulations and specification works hand in hand with guidelines outlined in the EHEDG.

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