Cranswick Country Foods

Aspen Stainless supplied standard and bespoke stainless-steel solutions to the UK’s leading food producer Cranswick. A key producer of premium fresh and value-added food products.

Aspen worked closely with Trundley Design to design effective hygienic plant equipment for a number of their key food processing plants across the UK. Aspen Stainless manufactured and delivered a large range of standard and bespoke stainless-steel solutions including kerbing, drain covers, drain channels and access covers to a number of UK sites. Stainless steel is an ideal long-term solution for food manufacturing plants as its surface property doesn’t corrode, rust or weaken. The drainage system was installed to support the cleaning regime and water flow around the factory. This in turn blended perfectly with the flooring design supplied by John Lord flooring and allowed for waste to drain effectively into the surrounding channels and gullies. This created a seamless connection between the systems and prevented any standing waste and bacteria from building up.

The kerbing supplied drastically improved the efficiency and reduced any small debris that can harbour and grow in food processing plants. Cranswick maintains strict hygiene standards throughout their factories and Aspen Stainless provided a tailor-made package to meet these specialist requirements. The project management team at Canal worked closely with the contractor to install the Aspen solutions in line with current UK building regulations and to ensure a smooth delivery and seamless finish.

Ian Trundley, Architect, David Trundley Design Services Ltd “We have been working with John Lord and Aspen Stainless for over 10 years within the food industry including major projects for Cranswick Country Foods. At the Cranswick’s Gourmet Bacon Plant near York, John Lord provided a one stop resin solution for the factory utilising Uragard flooring and Aspen Stainless steel drainage. The project was completed within 21 weeks from site purchase to first production and the involvement of John Lord was an integral part of the project’s success”

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