Fresh Produce Manufacturer Solutions

Aspen Stainless has a continued and successful relationship with the UK’s leading supplier of fresh produce. The company recently expanded its manufacturing operations in 2018 to introduce its chilled range to its food production portfolio.

Aspen Stainless recently worked closely with the contractor for the design, supply and fit of an effective drainage system for their new production facility in central Scotland. The bespoke system was designed to boost the hygienic performance of the entire factory and to prevent the cross contamination of food products. Food and drink manufacturing applications are considered one of the most challenging to design and careful attention was paid to the infrastructure of this facility and drainage of the waste.

The Aspen Stainless Davos Drain Channels complete with ladders covers were installed to filter out the waste liquid within the plant. The drain channels worked seamlessly with the floors and meant all elements flowed effectively into the channels to prevent any pooling or standing water (particularly prone to bacteria build up) This enabled the drainage to be kept spotless as bacteria can easily be spread throughout the production area. The popular Aspen summit gullies with rounded top and side outlet were also specified to provide easy access for rodding and maximum liquid drainage.

Room fitted with Aspen drainage channels and stainless steel kerbing Room fitted with Aspen drainage channels and stainless steel kerbing

All hygienic solutions were specified in high quality 304 stainless steel. The smooth, protective and solid chromium oxide layer is corrosion resistant when in contact with food and other environmental factors. The surface is also easily cleaned to ensure optimum performance throughout the entire system.

The Aspen technical and installation team worked closely with the contractor from initial consultation to completion, to ensure the clients expectations were met. The spirit of innovation and passion for quality blended perfectly with Aspen’s modern manufacturing techniques and commitment to technical excellence.

The team at Aspen Stainless have the knowledge and expertise to service the largest food manufacturing projects across the UK and overseas. If you would like to know more about Aspen Stainless Steel Solutions please email [email protected] for more information.