Heavy Duty Drainage For Merry Hill Shopping Centre

The Merry Hill Shopping Centre in Brierley Hill recently underwent an expansion and overhaul of its entrance area. Aspen were approached to design, manufacture and install bespoke drainage for the newly renovated entrance area to the shopping centre.

Aspen worked closely with the client to manufacture and install stainless steel solutions to support the performance of the outdoor environment. There was great importance placed on the rainwater calculations and anti-slip resistance to ensure the channels and covers were fit for purpose in an outdoor setting. Aspen provided engineering drawings, samples and prototypes to ensure a seamless manufacturing process and delivery of the project from day one.

Aspen StainlessĀ  HD Heel Guard Drain Cover and Drain Channels were specifically designed to support the flow of rainwater within the entrance area. The standard central bottom Meribel Outlet was installed to efficiently dispose of non-liquid waste built up within the outlet. The trap featured fully removable trash baskets to allow for the efficient disposal of non-liquid waste, built up within the outlet.

The HD Heel Guard Cover was specifically tested using the pendulum anti-slip test. The pendulum assesses the friction offered by the floor when a foot comes into contact with the surface. The cover was tested to ensure that the surface presents a safe level of grip in end use. The pendulum anti-slip has proven to deliver the most accurate results and is therefore the key adopted method for assessing floor slipperiness in all conditions. The pendulum CoF test is the subject of British Standard, BS 7976: Parts 1-3 using an imitation heel (rubber soling sample) sweeping over the drain cover. The slipperiness of the flooring has a direct impact on the value provided and is therefore the adopted method for assessing floor slipperiness in all conditions.

The dedicated project manager worked closely with the contractor during the installation process to ensure highest standards for drainage and protection were achieved. The design, manufacture and installation process was specifically scoped out to meet with all the necessary building regulations in line with the latest HSE and UKSRG guidelines.

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