Leading Snack Food Manufacturer Drainage

Leading Snack Food Manufacturer Drainage

A leading snack food manufacturer have recently completed a refurbishment of their existing process areas, upgrading their floors and drains with Uragard HT62W from John Lord Flooring and Aspen stainless steel drainage systems. This particular part of the project was the final section of the entire process and intake area, approximately 3000m² of flooring and 200m of bespoke drainage were installed.

Uragard-HT62W antimicrobial resin flooring was an ideal solution for the project due to its built-in chemical resistance, exceptional wear and anti-slip properties. The floors and drains worked hand in hand to distribute waste-water into the central drainage channel within the processing areas. The new drainage channels were designed to match the existing flow and volume capacity of their existing drains and included bespoke outlets, tied into the building’s underground drainage systems.

Aspen Stainless Davos Plus drain channels with ladder covers were installed to cope with the high level of waste demand on site. The channel profile was carefully designed to provide an easy to clean surface with a self-draining slope feature. The strictest level of hygiene standards are necessary within food manufacturing facilities due to the build-up of bacteria and possible cross contamination of liquids.

It’s essential the drainage is perfectly aligned to ensure a seamless connection and performance standards. This partnership with John Lord supports optimum performance compatibility by preventing the elevation of floor plates which leads to compromised performance.

The drain channels are designed in compliance with EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group) to support safe hygienic engineering in food manufacture. The EHEDG states ‘product contact surfaces must be easy to clean, non-absorbent and not present a toxicological hazard by leaching of substances and foodstuffs’ the cleanability of the drainage is also an important hygiene requirement as stated in the EHEDG ‘Improperly or insufficiently cleaned equipment cannot be effectively disinfected’

The perfectly fitted drainage system boosted the overall hygienic performance of the facility. This included employee health & safety, operational costs as well as consumer safety. The dedicated project managers worked closely with the contractor during the entire installation process to ensure the highest standards for drainage and protection were achieved.

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