Hygienic performance criteria of leisure settings

All pool and shower areas require special attention to detail when it comes to drainage design performance. Unfortunately, the high-level of foot traffic in leisure centres increases the risk of slippages and falls in wet room areas. Therefore, drainage requires higher-flow capacity rates, long term durability as well as minimal maintenance for easy cleaning.

All solutions for leisure centre centres should be specially fabricated to eliminate any risks to bare feet or snagging of any toes. Therefore, shower areas should feature drainage holes or slots small enough to avoid any injuries. Lightweight drainage is ideally suited to these settings as it enables the drain cover to be easily removed as part of the daily cleaning regime. The positive slope function in the design of the drain channel allows the system to be fully drained and eliminates any stagnant waste water to build up. Slip resistant gratings are also available to maximise health and safety concerns in higher-risk areas. This ensures each component of the drainage system is easily removed and cleaned with no need for sharp edges to optimise user safety.

All products should be manufactured in high quality grade 306 or 316 stainless steel to protect against corrosion from chlorine and other harsh chemicals. Also, stainless steel features advantageous properties applicable for leisure settings including:

  • Non-porous means its easily cleaned and disinfected
  • Resistance to higher temperatures
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Aesthetic appeal

The intense cutting, forming and welding of stainless steel will introduce any impurities into the surface of the material. When pickle passivation is applied as surface treatment it means the corrosion resistance of the stainless steel is fully restored to its original state to ensure long term performance and durability.

We offer both standard and customised solutions on all our stainless-steel drainage and can accommodate for varying wet room sizes and settings. At Aspen Stainless all drainage solutions meet the criteria for perfect functionality and durability.

For more information email on leisure centre solutions please email: aspen@canalengineering.co.uk

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