3:9 Bar Crumb Proof Drain Cover

The 3:9 Bar Crumb Proof Drain Cover (3 top plates and 9 support bars) is manufactured in standard 996mm lengths or in lengths to suit your drainage system design.

If there are corners within your drainage system, the drain cover will be mitred to compensate for the angles to create a flush installation.

The design provides maximum liquid drainage while preventing large debris from entering the drain channel below.

The 9 support bars reinforce the drain cover, which can be accessed by medium factory traffic.

The drain cover is available in a durbar surface finish only. This provides an improved slip resistance for safety under foot in slippery conditions.

3:9 Bar Crumb Proof Drain Cover Technical Specification

  • 3 Bar: 10mm x 50mm stainless steel durbar plate.
  • 9 Supports: 16mm x 16mm stainless steel bars.
  • 4 Intersections: 10mm x 10mm stainless steel bars.
  • Stitch welded.
  • 25mm depth to suit all Aspen Drain Channels.
  • Used in conjunction with the 170mm wide Aspen Drain Channels.
  • Grade 304 & 316 stainless steel
  • Low Slip Potential according to UKSRG in dry & wet conditions.
  • EHEDG can be achieved with alterations

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