Summit Drain Outlets – Removable Mushroom Trap

The Summit Drain Outlet is designed with a removable mushroom trap and can be position along the length of the drain channel in a central position or at the end of the drain channel.

The outlet pipe position can be altered depending on your underground drainage system. A bottom or side outlet pipe position is available for both the central and end Drain Outlet.

The Drain Outlet has a removable trash basket to efficiently dispose of non-liquid waste, which has built up within the outlet.

This Outlet is available in a combination of the following sizes to accommodate your flow rates;

  • 2 Outlet Pipe Sizes: ∅110mm and ∅160mm
  • 2 Channel Width Sizes: 100mm and 170mm

Please see their technical data sheets for a full breakdown of size options.

Technical Specification

  • 2mm stainless steel removable mushroom water trap.
  • 1 x stainless steel removable trash basket.
  • Drain Outlet Cover will dictate the load class up to C250 FACTA Loading.
  • Grade 304 stainless steel (British Standard 304S31, Euronorm 1.4301).
  • Compliant with EHEDG guidelines

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