Food & Drink Processing

Stainless Steel Fabrication for the Food Processing Industry

All areas of the food industry understand the stringent hygienic demands in food manufacturing plants.

An area for concern for food processing plants is small food debris such as fats, oils, blood and sugar solutions which can encourage the growth of bacteria. Careful attention must be paid to food preparation, package or storage areas that require frequent cleaning. It’s also important to consider potential foot traffic and employee safety requirements when designing drainage systems; to prevent trips and falls.

Food and drink applications are considered one of the most challenging to design due to the strict levels of hygiene requirements. Our technical sales team at Aspen Stainless will work with you to design solutions to ensure optimum cleanliness within your plant.

Our solutions provide durable, easy-to-clean surfaces to prevent the unnecessary pooling of water and other liquids. An expertly fitted drainage system will have a positive impact on boosting the hygienic performance of the entire factory. This includes improvement in health and safety, operational costs and consumer safety. All hygienic systems, including food processing floor drains and brewery floor drains, should be designed in compliance with EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group) for safe hygienic engineering and design in all aspects of food manufacture. Aspen Stainless fully comply with this standard.

Trips and falls are also common in these settings; in particular an overflowing drain can cause a serious trip hazard and often occurs from the result of dirty, wet or contaminated flooring. The pendulum slip test assesses the friction offered by the floor when a foot comes into contact with the surface and is subject of a British standard, BS 7976: Parts 1-3. At Aspen Stainless we conduct slip tests using the pendulum to test compliance with the latest HSE and UKSRG guidelines.

Our Experience

We have worked with a number of industry leading food manufacturing clients over the years including Cranswick Country Foods, Pepsico, Warburtons, Premier Foods, ARLA Foods, Morrisons, United Biscuits and many more.

Our robust hygienic solutions are suited to a number of industry applications including abattoirs, slaughterhouses, bakeries, dairies, kitchens, meat processing, packaging areas, storage rooms, freezers and deep freeze and cool storage locations. Whatever your requirements, our technical sales team will work closely with you to ensure the design perfectly reflects the requirements of your environment.

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